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LOCKED: Your Ultimate Secret Calculator Vault

The perfect, free, and secure calculator hide app to safeguard your private photos, videos, and files on Android.

Welcome to LOCKED, the most secure calculator photo vault. The application where your personal media and files aren’t just hidden: they’re locked away with top-notch security! Secure your private photo vault and experience absolute privacy with our 100% secure app.

Available Exclusively for Android OS

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How To Hide Photos On Android?

Now that's pretty easy with LOCKED

The Ultimate Photo & Video Vault


Secure your precious memories and essential files and save them from prying eyes with LOCKED – Secret calculator app. Rest assured, only you can access your hidden treasure. Our app allows you to conceal sensitive photos, videos, and files. Once safely tucked away, you can delete these items from your phone’s main gallery while they stay available in your calculator-alike photo vault.

Please keep in mind that you are the ONLY person who gets access to the secret photo gallery. We do not use any cloud storage functionality for your privacy and security. That said, it is essential to write down your password and store it safely.

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Stealthy, Yet Functional

Masks As Calculator

Transform LOCKED into an everyday calculator! To the unsuspecting eye, this secret photo app appears as an ordinary calculator. It cleverly doubles as a regular calculator, blending seamlessly among your everyday apps. Behind this façade, it serves as a formidable safe for your private content.

fingerprint login option

Multiple Lock Methods

LOCKED provides multiple lock methods to secure your private gallery and files. Choose from pin codes protection, pattern lock, or fingerprint authentication to ensure your data remains inaccessible to others.
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Advanced Security Features

The LOCKED app is more than just a calculator vault app or a calculator app lock. Instead, it provides uncompromised privacy by securing your photos and videos with password protection. On top of this, we employ military-grade AES encryption, similar to what international corporations, banks, and governments use, to offer unparalleled security for your files.

Secure and Private Browsing

100% Privacy
Browsing privately is effortless with LOCKED’s built-in browser. This enables you to navigate the internet without leaving any traces and directly download content into your vault. It is not a secret that most of the large sites collect all of the data they can reach through your device: your adjacent accounts, identities, etc. So now you can visit your favorite sites without connecting to your real life accounts!
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Decoy Vault

The LOCKED app also features a decoy vault, adding an extra layer of security. This function opens a fake vault, effectively misleading any potential intruder.
intruder detector

Intruder Alert

Our Calculator hidden app features the Intruder Selfie function. This captures a photo of anyone attempting to access your vault and records their attempts and creates break in report.

secret diary android

Secret Diary

Absolutely Safe
Jot down sensitive information or personal thoughts in your secret diary, a feature within LOCKED’s vault. Your private notes, confidential thoughts, and ideas are as safe as your hidden photos and videos.

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With LOCKED, your privacy really matters.
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Users Trust Us
The ever-growing number of users choosing LOCKED on Google Play reflects our commitment to securing your privacy.
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Files Safeguarded
We secure a multitude of files every day. Choose LOCKED and be part of the privacy revolution!

What Our Superb Users Say

Real ratings and reviews from Google Play (more than 38,000+ reviews)

10 people found this review helpful
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Amazing app. The access to photos and videos is hidden in a clever way. Used this for a while to store sensitive pictures. The one potential downside is the risk of losing all your pictures if your phone breaks, but at the same time, it means the pictures are stored even safer. This app doesn't save anything to any cloud, which means your pictures are on your phone only.
Vasil Iliev
102 people found this review helpful
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Its really really useful, I've kept some rather ✨juicy✨ images on here and nobody has suspected a thing. It has 3 layers of security: It disguises itself as a calculator, you can hide your built in calculator app in a folder somewhere or delete it and replace it with LOCKED. Then, you need to hold on a secret button within our "calculator" then type a 4 digit pin and only then can you see the secret files. My only problem is the pop-up ads.
B Gallagher
41 people found this review helpful
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FIVE ENTHUSIASTIC ☆'s.. & (Two)👍👍 Excellent app. I've certain criteria for these types of applications and THIS particular app covers them all PLUS includes features that are relatively UNHEARD of in OTHER apps of this type. I recently purchased a new phone and thought I'd lost my "locked" files forever. However, "LOCKED" has a way to retrieve the files from the old device, and reinstall them on my new device. ALL the photos I thought were lost forever.. I STILL have! Thanks to "LOCKED"!
68 people found this review helpful
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The app is great and functions as intended. The app is good for hiding things for example, personal data, photos, messages, etc. in case other people borrows your phone. And the fact that it also functions well and accurateas a real phone calculator is good because you can disable your real calculator for it to be extra sneaky. The ads are also not much of an issue because they pop up rarely and you can use the app offline anyways. Overall a good app and more power to you!
Miloh robins
164 people found this review helpful
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Wow. Absolutely incredible. The interface is accessible and double checks with you to make certain you're sure. The app itself can disguise itself as a calculator that is Very hard to get into in accident. This helps with safety and keeping your info safe so much. I am blown away by this app. I just downloaded it and I don't think I've seen any adds and so far it's been free. 💞💞 thank you to the developers of this app, y'all are a life saver 💜
A Google user
11 people found this review helpful
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I have twin nephews that are 4, so this kind of app is a must. When looking for an app that would best fit the bill of; not allowing unauthorized access & although I wanted the best protection for my photos/videos, I didnt want to deal with any part of the encrypting nor did I want anyone else being able to find even the app!
17 people found this review helpful
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I found it exceptionally pleasing to see that the developers took so much in consideration during the build of this application exempli gratis, the app's anti-tampering protocols and privacy brows. I'm my experience with photo vaults, these are unique from other vaults in that having a false photo/data vault and *fake combination are intelligent, useful and unique to the application. I personallly recommend LOCKED Secret Album for its easy to use and smart user interface.
Bruce Horne
132 people found this review helpful
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This is the best vault type app I've seen. I didn't hesitate paying for the premium version when I learned that the cost was $7 and change not only for the premium version but also that was one and only purchase I made because it isn't a subscription but rather yours for good. All other type vault apps have yearly substations as well as others I'm sure. I believe this app team did a fantastic thing by developing this vault app. Keep up the good work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To open the vault in Calculator Mode, tap and hold the ‘MENU’ button (3 dots) for three seconds.

If you wish to alter your unlock password, navigate to “Settings > Safe > Lock Type” within the app

Restoring encrypted files is pretty straightforward. Just long press on the desired file to enter the edit mode and use the restore button in the action bar.

Your privacy is paramount to us. All your hidden files are stored exclusively on your device. Please ensure to backup all your hidden files before migrating to a new device or initiating a factory reset.
If you happen to forget your password, simply input 11223344 into the Calculator and long press ‘=’, then recover your password by answering your security question.
Certain mobile phones such as Huawei and Xiaomi have built-in cloud synchronization services. When a photo or video is added to Locked, the source file gets automatically deleted. However, if cloud services are active with auto-synchronization enabled, they are recovered from the cloud. After adding photos or videos to the Locked, visit your system album and wait for a few seconds. If the files are restored, delete them manually.
This issue arises when the photo or video hasn’t been automatically scanned into the system media library. Here are the solutions: Upon navigating to the folder where the photo or video is located, it will automatically be scanned into the system media library and displayed when added. Use the “All File” method when adding, locate the file path. Add via file sharing in the file manager.
  1. Ensure the “Intruder Selfie” feature is activated.
  2. Verify your device has a front camera and relevant permissions have been granted.
  3. Check if any other apps are currently using the camera.
    Verify the error times set for the “Intruder Selfie” feature are correct.
  4. Ensure ample storage space is available.
  5. Ensure the system version is 6.0 or above.
  6. Ensure the floating window permission is active.
  7. Note: Some systems like Oppo and Vivo might not work.
The encrypted files are stored in the .privacy_safe folder in your device’s root directory (This is a hidden folder, you’ll need to enable the ‘show hidden file’ switch to view it). Please avoid deleting any files from this folder.

Backup: Copy the .privacy_safe folder from your device’s root directory to your computer or other storage media.


  1. If your new device has Locked installed, restore or export all files to avoid loss.
  2. Copy the .privacy_safe folder to your new device’s root directory.
  3. Start Locked.

IMPORTANT: Ensure your unlock password is identical to the previous one.

As long as you haven’t deleted the folder that stores the encrypted files, you’ll be able to access them upon reinstalling Locked.
Please refer to the “Files Anti-Lost Notes” on the Locked settings page.
For your privacy, AES is used for file encryption/decryption. This duration varies depending on file size and device processing power. If the process takes longer, kindly wait patiently.

Please verify the following:

  • If you’ve reinstalled the app, ensure the unlock password is the same.
  • If you have an account, verify that the login account is correct.
  • Confirm if the fake password space was used.
  • Ensure the encrypted file hasn’t been deleted.
  • Avoid cleaning encrypted files related to Locked when using a cleaning application.
Unless the encryption-related files have been actively deleted, they will automatically restore upon reinstallation.
Long press the encrypted file to enter edit mode, then use the restore button in the action bar to recover it.
For privacy purposes, original photos are deleted after encryption. They can be restored using the restore function.

More questions? Visit our FAQ page

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Application for Android OS.
Available on Google Store.

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